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For years there has been many unexplained disappearances, people who have vanished from the face of the earth without a trace. Many of these people have been abducted by their own government and taken to facilities where they are experimented on. The aim was to create an army of super soldiers. Scientists working for the government created a virus, which original purpose was to make humans super strong, though they did not want to inject this man-made virus into their own soldiers in case something went wrong, so they started abducting ordinary people and began testing it on them without their consent. They have been working on the virus for years trying to perfect it. Something went wrong with the virus and those injected have mutated into something unhuman.

Can you escape from the facility?

Install instructions

The files are compressed in a zip folder for fast download.

After the file has been downloaded, select Extract All, then open the uncompressed folder, then run the Application file named The Facility.


The Facility 254 MB


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Nice idea though it could use some polish, a few that immediately come to mind is the mouse cursor remaining on screen and the gun not having any animation/sound effect.

so it like scp

I really like the idea and the approach of this. Every time I turned the corner of a hallway I definitely felt the suspense and actually screamed at one point. Keep up the good work man, made a video of it. MONSTER RAVE | The Facility

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it. The video is great!