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Mind Games is a first-person psychological horror game with a dark theme, and a hopefully surprising twist.

The main character, Robert, and his family have been planning a trip to a secluded cabin for some time. Looking forward to it, that peacefulness of nature, they start the long drive to their weekend away, unaware of what is about to unfold.

Robert wakes up disoriented in an underground bunker. The last thing he remembers is driving, heading to the cabin, but he doesn’t recognise this place. He hears a scream and quickly realises it’s his wife Anna.

He realises he must find Anna, and his two children, Josh and Sarah. This is far from the trip he was expecting. Someone has kidnapped his family and locked them down in this bunker.

You must find out why they are there, who put them there, and how to save Anna, Josh, and Sarah and escape the bunker alive.

Development Team

Mind Games was developed by myself (Julie Black) and Daryl Black.

Install instructions

The files are compressed in a zip folder for fast download.

After the file has been downloaded, select Extract All, then open the uncompressed folder, then run the Application file named Mind Games.


Mind Games 470 MB


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i dont know what it is but when i start the game the text on the bottom is off the screen and i cant read it.

Sorry about that! Unfortunately there is an issue with the text where it gets cut off if your resolution is less than 1080p. Switching to 1080p should sort the problem :) 

First off I'd like to say the whole premise and, story line was great and, thought out.  There needs to be more saw inspired games in my opinion. I hope you make another game like this. With those praises aside I do want to mention some flaws to this game. The text outside the screen I really didn't know it could be fixed by resolution change until I saw you commented on another video. Sucks that I missed dialogue because of that. Some text when they were in the car on the way to the cabin went to fast for me to narrate. I did the games out of sequence and, it left it really akward instead of things going in order. Also speaking of the games  the controls were unclear to me maybe i'm just not that bright but, I was stumped what to do in most cases. I'm not bashing your game at all. I think with the kinks worked out this would be quite the masterpiece!
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Thanks for playing. I agree, there definitely needs to be more Saw inspired games! It definitely inspired us! Thanks for the feedback - we are aware of the issue with the text, there seems to be a problem where the text gets cut off if playing the game in less than 1080p. We have had similar feedback regarding the speed of the text and agree that definitely needs fixed, but that is the beauty of letting people play the prototype, so we know what to improve :) The game can be played in any order, although there seems to be a bug where the wrong text was loaded in this instance, which is something else we can look at fixing. You weren't the only one confused by the order to complete the traps in, so that is also something we will look at.  All this feedback is really useful to us to allow us to make it a better game, so thank you so much for your detailed comment, we really appreciate it :) 

This was an interesting game, lost the kids tho... I guess we just need to make more.

Thanks for playing! They can be saved :) also there is audio (music and environmental sounds) there just isn't any voice acting in the prototype. Also there are clues throughout the game that indicate the order the numbers should be entered into the keypad :)



i must admit, this was very hard! but fun! so happy i could save them all :D took me a while haha! great job on making this game! :D 

Thanks for playing! We loved the video! There are clues throughout the game that indicate the order the numbers should be entered into the keypad, but we admire your determination at spending half an hour trying the numbers at random! :-)


This was a fun game! I managed to be awful but it was still very entertaining!

Thanks for playing! Love the video. It is possible to save them though :-)


This was pretty cool and I enjoyed it even though I did horribly and ran into a few technical issues. The biggest problem is that the text kept going off the sides of the screen. Played with resolution and it made no difference.

Aside from that I think I was just being really dumb and not seeing how things were working at first. :)


Thanks for playing! It seems there is a problem with the text when not playing in 1080p. I hope it didn't ruin the experience too much! :-)


I managed to save everyone... Eventually.  This is a pretty good prototype.  It felt like I was playing a game from the SAW movies.  I found it pretty fun.  


Thanks for playing! We love your video! We are impressed you managed to save Josh first time - think you're the first! We are massive Saw fans so were definitely inspired by it :-)


Nice game! Keep it up ;)

Thanks for playing! Can't believe you managed to guess the code for the keypad without working it out from the clues! :-)

I'm as surprised as anyone else :P Thank you so much for making this!


i found the numbers in the room for the code but for some reason they didnt work? :D

Thanks for playing! There's a particular order the numbers need to be entered into the keypad - there's some clues throughout the game that should indicate the order they go in :-)

I put the numbers in order I double checked but I guess I was still wrong? XD

You didn’t enter them in the correct order ;-)

lol i even tried all the numbers in different ways and it still didnt work :P

You tried them in different ways, but not the correct way ;-) In your video you got the numbers correct, but you never entered them in the correct order. Look at your surroundings for clues as to what order you need to enter the numbers, however the numbers change every time you play :-)


Not bad for a prototype, I agree, the text should stay on for longer. And maybe a few more diary pages? :)


Thanks for playing our game! We love your video and your theories, although we neither confirm nor deny whether they're right :-)

I'm glad you like the video, and that's okey, I can wait to find out the truth in a full game. ;)


An interesting style of game. The text goes by at a very fast pace making it hard to take everything in. I also had the problem of trying to read the instructions at the exact same time as you have to solve the puzzle, making it nearly impossible on the first try for some puzzles.

Thanks for playing our game, and thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate all the feedback we can get. The video is great!